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          The H1 range is built around an advanced electrical control and available in a wide range of displacements. Working quietly inside, at the heart of the system, H1 will keep your application going – to



          Our H1 pumps feature common design technologies and assembly techniques. Overall, they offer simpler, high performance designs with fewer parts than previous hydrostatic products. Designed for smaller package sizes, our pumps provide design engineers with more freedom and flexibility in system design.

          Greater machine efficiency

          H1 pumps reduce rotating group, control and charge pump losses, which saves fuel consumption, frees power for other vehicle functions and enhances operating performance and productivity. Better efficiency means that you can use smaller engines on some machines, while you also reduce machine heat load and increase power to the ground.

          Expanded functionality

          The market is expecting machines with enhanced operator and/or vehicle safety features and H1 offers numerous new options designed to address these issues.

          Examples include:

          • A tandem Control Cut Off (CCO) circuit
          • An Integral Speed Limitation (ISL) circuit
          • Integral pressure filtration with a filter bypass sensor and switch
          • Fan Drive Control (utilizing Sauer-Danfoss sub-system software)


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